Pronombres en inglés

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Pronombres en inglés

her himVamos a ver hoy un error que se suele cometer por no diferenciar pronombres, sujetos y objetos.

Let’s see a pair of examples for you to understand the difference:

  1. My family and I are celebrating our dad’s birthday on a special way, we’re going on a cruise!
  2. Would you like to come to the beach with my family and me next weekend?

“My family and I” is the subject of the sentence, so “I” is a subject, not “me”, which is an object.

“My family and me” is an object, so “me” is an object. The subject of the sentence is “you”.

By the way, do you remember how to know what the subject of a sentence is? If you don’t, read this brief explanation.

1. I have an apple every morning.

We ask the verb  who? = who has an apple every morning? and the answer is I, so that’s the subject.

2. Let’s do the same with the first example: Who is celebrating dad’s birthday? = the answer is My family and I, so subject!

Common mistakes:

My family and me are celebrating our dad’s birthday.

My husband and me are going to the cinema tomorrow.

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