Diferencia entre for y since

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Diferencia entre for y since

questions 2

Diferencia entre for y since, ¿la conoces? This is the rule:

– For + period of time (not defined): durante o desde hace

Example: I have lived in Seville for 4 years = Vivo en Sevilla desde hace 4 años.

– Since + date (defined): desde

Example: I haven’t seen my best friend since September = No he visto a mi mejor amiga desde septiembre.


Exercise 1. Do we use for or since with the following time references?

  • I haven’t phoned home _________ Christmas.
  • We’ve been here _________ nine o’clock.
  • I have worked for International House _________ more than eight years.
  • I haven’t visited my home town _________ I left school.
  • I haven’t been to the cinema _________ ages.
  • I have studied non-stop _________ 9.15.
  • I have had a driving licence _________ I was eighteen.
  • She hasn’t had a day off _________ 1999.
  • Johan has been in England _________ more than two weeks now.
  • Peter has been my best friend _________ we were nine.

Exercise 2. Decide if you need for or since with these time expressions.


last weekend
ten seconds
Christmas Eve
a decade
I finished school
a couple of days
my birthday
a long time
ten centuries
the 70s
I was a boy
the last month
fifteen years
the accident
we bought this house
last month
a millennium
I met you


Exercise 1:

Since       since  for       since  for       since  since since  for       since

Exercise 2:

Since    for    since    for    since    for    since    for    for    since    since    since    since    for    since    since    since    since    for     since

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  1. Jose

    Hi Patty:

    Thank you so much for your explanation. Your web is amazing. I’m learning a lot with you.

    Kind Regards,


    1. patty

      Glad to know you like my website, Jose.
      Keep working hard and you’ll learn a lot!!

      Bye for now

  2. Hi Patty:

    I think here is a mistake: I have lived in Sevilla for 4 years. ahd your translation is: Vivo en Sevilla desde hace 4 años. and I think the correct answer is: He vivido en Sevilla durante 4 años.

    I hope if I wrong you correct me please.

    Thank you!


    1. patty

      Hi Jose,
      my translation is correct, because when we translate something from one language into another, we don’t translate literally. In Spanish, if we say “he vivido en Sevilla 4 años”, we mean that I don’t live there now, so the action is past, whereas in English, when we use the Present Perfect + for /since, the action is happening at the moment. So in Spanish, to express that idea, we use presente simple (vivo).
      Kind Regards

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