Writing: my job

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Writing: my job

A continuación os voy a poner un ejemplo de redacción, en la que se te pide que escribas sobre tu profesión.

What do you do? Write about your job.


                                                                                      WHAT DO I DO?

I work as an English teacher. I don’t work outside, I work inside, in a Language School. I work in the afternoon and evening in the school and in the morning at home and sometimes I work at the weekend.

I work with computers, I use my computer to teach my students. I have a lot of students. I teach two different levels, basic 1 and intermediate 2.

I have special qualifications and I speak foreign languages. I speak and teach English. I study other languages, for example, German, Arabic and Italian. I like languages!

I don’ t travel when I work and I don’t drive. I don’t wear a uniform and I don’t earn a lot of money.

I love my job because teaching and languages are my passion.

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  1. reme

    Hi , im remedios cortes .
    Actualy i work in the kitchen as chef the partie on 1 year and half. i make everyday pizzas and desert
    i dont like the kitchen work but i work there because i need the money. sometimes the kitchen is a realy hard place for work . i am think in change the job but now my english is not realy good for that but i hope one day my point come soon !!

    1. patty

      Hola, Reme:
      en la Web del Inglés contamos con un Servicio de Corrección de Writings para ayudar a los lectores a preparar exámenes oficiales y a mejorar su nivel de writing. Aquí tiene la información por si fuera de su interés: http://lawebdelingles.com/te-corrijo-tu-writing.
      Gracias por seguirnos y un saludo,

  2. Noelia


    Hello my name is Noelia, i work as an Customer Support in a carriage of fast food. I have been worked there for 3 years ago, i started to work when i was 16 years old it’s my father’s business, it’s really an important experience for me, earn money, it has teaching me a lot on those years. I love my work so much, also i work too with my grandmother she’s my partner in this job, together we make a excellent work, and people is satisfied with us, i’m glad to work with my father.

    I only work at the weekends, as i have time for study my career English Teacher, i’m very happy with my decisions, all i want is work and study for learn more and get experiences when i get adult, i would live alone and be independent.

    Love your work, this really helps me a lot!!

    1. patty

      Hola Noelia,
      si necesitas ayuda con tus writings, la Web del Inglés cuenta con un servicio de corrección de writings, donde se corrigen writings con explicaciones y aclaraciones para el alumno. Si te interesa, no dudes en consultarnos en info@lawebdelingles.com
      Un saludo

    2. Tuchico

      Hola Noelia…. he leido tu escrito.

      Yo pondría “I only work on the weekends” sustituyendo on en vez de at, es más correcto.
      Además…. as I have time TO study. No pongas for ahi que no suena diver.

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