Dialogue: buying clothes

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Dialogue: buying clothes

Aquí tenéis un diálogo de una situación comunicativa (buying clothes)

You want to buy a piece of clothing.

1. One student plays a salesman / saleswoman.
2. One student plays a customer.
3. Read the text and decide what you want to buy.
4. Replace the words that are underlined in the example by these ones.

1. sweater   shorts   skirt   jeans   shoes = clothes

2. small   medium   large   extra large = size

3. white   blue   purple   green    red = colour

4. small   big   short   long   tight   loose = adjectives

5. How much are they? (only it is plural) = question for the price

6.  $ 5.99      $ 14.99    $ 20 = money

5. Practise your dialogue for oral presentation. 

Salesman: Hello, can I help you?
Customer: Yes, please. I’m looking for a T-shirt (1) .
Salesman: Follow me, please. What is your size?
Customer: Medium (2) .
Salesman: What colour would you like?
Customer: Black (3) .
Salesman: Here. (While handing a piece of clothing).
Customer: Can I try this on?
Salesman: Yes, of course. The fitting rooms are here.
Customer: It’s too small (4) .
Salesman: Try this one on.
Customer: It fits well. How much is it (5)?
Salesman: $ 9.99 (6)
Customer: I’ll take it. Here you are. (While handing the money) Thank you.
Salesman: Here is your receipt. Have a nice day.



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