Refranes en ingles, hoy alguno con “get”

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Refranes en ingles, hoy alguno con “get”


Es muy útil saber refranes en inglés, tanto para cuando estéis hablando como escuchando a una persona hablar inglés, aquí os dejo uno para aprender vocabulario: “get on like a house on fire“.

First, you have to know that “get on well with somebody” means “llevarse bien con alguien”.


  • My new sister-in-law and I are very similar, so I get on well with her.
  • I don’t get on very well with my father. He is very bad-tempered.
  • Do you get on well with Annie? I don’t, she is really vain and thinks she knows everything.

Then “get on like a house on fire” is just the same, but more emphatic, llevarse realmente bien. Do you have a better translation in Spanish? 🙂

Examples: As you are a teacher and my best friend too, I really think you would get on with her like a house on fire.

There is another saying which means the same, that is, ‘get along’, which also means “llevarse bien”. Let’s see some examples:

  • My distant cousins and I get along very well. We meet up regularly.
  • I never got along with my my sister’s boyfriend. I don’t like him for my sister at all = al igual que ‘get on with’, ‘get along’ también se puede utilizar con la preposición “with”.
  • My sister and I have always got along well with each other = recuerda que “each other” se utiliza para hablar de reciprocidad, yo me llevo bien contigo y tú te llevas bien conmigo.

But don’t confuse get along with the meaning of “llevarse bien” and “arreglárselas”.

Example: Now that she’s living in the middle of nowhere, she’ll have to learn how to get along without all her friends around = as you can see, in this example we use ‘get along without’ = arreglárselas sin.

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  1. patty

    Ok, I will soon. 🙂

  2. Patricia Garcia

    Hola patricia, podrias hacer una entrada con each other, es algo que no se cuando usar. Gracis

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