Diferencia entre in the end y at the end

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Diferencia entre in the end y at the end


La diferencia entre in the end y at the end es algo complicada. Voy a explicártela y verás como la entiendes perfectamente 🙂

In the end and at the end are different things, which normally confuse students.


  • At the end (of something)

Some examples for yoy to understand it better. 

  1. At the end of the film I couldn’t help crying.
  2. At the end of this street there is a big supermarket.
  3. At the end of the book the main character, Lisa, dies.
  4. At the end, the film was a bit boring.

As you can see, when we use at the end, we have a specific place/time. Sometimes we have the preposition of to indicate that place/time, but sometimes we don’t, although that place/time is implict, for example:

At the end, the film was boring = at the end of what? Of the film.

Some phrases with at the end:

– at the end of the earth: en los confines de la tierra, en el culo del mundo (colloquial)

– at the end of the day: al terminar el día (he arrived home at the end of the day) and al fin y al cabo (at the end of the day, there’s nothing we can do)

  • In the end = finally (a modo de resumen de una idea)


  1. In the end 2,000 people attended the conference. 
  2. In the end I learnt you have to work very hard to be successful.

In the end = finalmente, al final, en definitiva, a fin de cuentas

The same happens with at the beginning and in the beginning.

  1. In the beginning I couldn’t see my friend because there were many people there, but then I saw her. 
  2. At the beginning of the new year, I will give up smoking, this is my new year’s resolution.

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