Cómo se pronuncia

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Cómo se pronuncia


Cómo se pronuncia el artículo determinado “the”.Os voy a decir hoy las dos posibles formas de pronunciarlo. Lo vamos a hacer a través de dos ejemplos, para que así lo entendáis mejor. Vamos a ello:

1. the table

In this case the -e of the is pronounced by means of the sound /e/ because the is followed by a consonant /t/

2. the Internet

This case is different, because the is followed by a vowel, that is, /i/. When this happens, the -e of the has to be pronounced /i/

Here’s a list for you to practise:

– the eye

– the chair

– the door

– the island

– the aisle

– the computer

– the teacher

– the arm

We have some expections, for example, the university, which is different because u  is pronounced /iu/, so we pronounce the -e of the by means of /e/.

Words for practice:

– the umbrella = /i/

– the United Kingdom = /e/

– the uncle = /i/

– the unit = /e/



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